Unboxing Mozart: Now Online

Interact with the piece that started it all

We are thrilled to be launching the online version of Unboxing Mozart, an integral education and outreach component of Mozart Momentum 1785/1786, our multi-year project with Artistic Partner Leif Ove Andsnes.

The game, developed in close collaboration with Invisible Playground, a Berlin-based team of artists, designers and scientists revolutionises the idea of the concert introduction, as we invite audiences to become active participants in an artistic experience that brings together classical music, collaborative performance and urban gaming.

Now you get to experience the online version and explore the inner workings of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20, selecting which instruments to hear when and learning about key sections of the piece directly from Leif Ove Andsnes and musicians from the MCO.

Experience Unboxing Mozart online here:


Mozart momentum
Mozart momentum