Invisible Playground is a network of six reflective practitioners working at the intersection of play and urban society – as game designers, artists, urbanists, curators, author, musician, scenographers and in many other roles. Invisible Playground members realize projects in agile, independent constellations, cooperating with a broad range of artists, designers, technologists, municipalities, cultural and academic institutions and civic society initiatives.

Sebastian Quack

Sebastian Quack works at the intersection of play, participation and the politics of urban society, as artist, game designer and curator.

Sebastian’s work is process-based and cooperative. Sebastian is a founding member of the Invisible Playground network, curates Playpublik, an international festival for playful public spaces and co-founded Drift Club, a platform that facilitates random musical walks through cities around the world. He regularly teaches art and design, gives talks and consults organizations on how to engage playfully with the world around them.

Sebastian holds an MA in cultural studies and computer science from Humboldt-University Berlin, as well a fellowship from the Graduate School at Berlin University of the Arts.

Sebastian has worked on a number of ground-breaking playful projects including Area/Code’s plundr, the world’s first location-based PC game. Further notable work has included projects with HAU Theater, Oerol Festival, Victoria & Albert Museum, Metropolis Festival, Aichi Triennale, Urbane Künste Ruhr and Ensemble Modern.

Sebastian lives in Berlin.

Josa Gerhard

Josa Gerhard, born in Cologne, studied violin in Berlin and Frankfurt a.M. and was a fellow at the Graduate School at Berlin University of the Arts.

Besides his work as a violinist and violist
— mainly in the fields of chamber music, music theater and new music — he develops projects at the intersection of audio art and games. He is a founding member of the Invisible Playground network as well as a member of the Zafraan Ensemble and the Oriel Quartet.

He has performed at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Schauspielhaus Hannover and in the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra.

His artworks included projects for Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Aichi Triennale, Nuit Blanche Paris, Gessnerallee Zurich.

Together with Sebastian Quack, he curated the Playsonic Festival in Frankfurt a.M. — a cooperation project with the Alte Oper Frankfurt and the Ensemble Modern.

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