Unboxing Mozart is an integral education and outreach component of the multi-year Mozart Momentum 1785/1786. This game revolutionalizes the idea of concert introduction: in Unboxing Mozart, concertgoers are invited to become active participants in an artistic experience that brings together classical music, collaborative performance and urban gaming.

Through Unboxing Mozart, participants experience, first-hand, the energetic musical and human interactions with an ensemble. In this interactive event, participants become a part of the ensemble, take on solo responsibilities, or act as part of a group to create constructive dialogues within a community. Unboxing Mozart extends the concert hall into the public urban area, and thus establishes new facets of communication between classical culture and the surrounding public.

In addition to the pre-concert interactive event, Unboxing Mozart can be experienced in two additional formats: one is tailor-made for school classes, and the other is available in the form of an installation in the foyer of concert halls.

Unboxing Mozart is developed in close collaboration with Invisible Playground, a Berlin-based team of artists, designers and scientists. The project is generously supported by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

Unboxing Mozart

Unboxing Mozart Game


The walk is an interactive live experience before the concert, bringing the participants closer to the musician’s perspective on performance and to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20.

First, the participants meet the MCO on stage and receive their own sound boxes with integrated touch screens and speakers from the musicians. After this encounter, they set out on a walk around the concert hall to discover the music flowing through space and to bring it to life: participants are led by their boxes to meet in designated locations, where they explore parts of the piano concerto together through their sound boxes. Along the way, Leif Ove Andsnes and MCO musicians provide insights via short videos into the musical passages they are about to discover. The walk begins with small group encounters and joint explorations of musical excerpts. This culminates in a joint performance, featuring all sound boxes, of the concerto’s third movement as the participants find their way back to the concert hall and to the rest of the concert audience.


In the concert hall, groups of three to five boxes become part of an installation in the foyer. During the intermission and after the concert, the installation – featuring elements of the live walk within a shorter time frame – invites visitors to experiment with the collaborative dynamics of music-making in short, playful moments involving two to five players. The installation can be set up in smaller and larger sizes, together with and independent of the live walk; it can also be featured in additional locations on MOZART MOMENTUM 1785/1786 tours.



In addition to the live projects mentioned above, the UNBOXING MOZART experience continues online. The MOZART MOMENTUM 1785/1786 website includes an UNBOXING MOZART section and a separately programmed virtual playfield. Here, users can explore selections from the piano concerto, choose and combine the individually recorded parts in various constellations and ensembles, and gain insight from MCO musicians into their favourite passages and the creative process of music making.

Experience Unboxing Mozart Live!




Live Walk + Installation

Philharmonie Berlin



Live Walk + Installation

Alte Oper Frankfurt



Live Walk + Installation

Alte Oper Frankfurt



Live Walk (school format)

Alte Oper Frankfurt

Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium, Main-Taunus-Schule



Berlin 14 May 2019


Frankfurt 12 May 2019


Frankfurt 11 May 2019


Frankfurt School Format


Alte Oper Frankfurt

Philharmonie Berlin


Unboxing Mozart: Credits

Concept & game design

Josa Gerhard, Holger Heissmeyer, Sebastian Quack


Graphic design

Sansho Studio


Material design sound box

Anna Hentschel


Custom assembly sound box

Esteban Baraviera



Holger Heissmeyer, Sebastian Quack



Anjula Semmens




Recording studio

Teldex Studio Berlin GmbH: Tobias Lehmann, Cornelius Dürst, Dagmar Nissen



Leif Ove Andsnes


Video & sound sound box

Michal Beck, Florent Brémond, José Vicente Castello, Michiel Commandeur, Christopher Dicken, Júlia Gállego, Frank-Michael Guthmann, Julien Hardy, Christian Heubes, Paulien Holthuis, Joel Hunter, Miriam Kofler, May Kunstovny, Marine-Amelie Lenoir, Anna Matz, Christophe Morin, Martin Piechotta, Casey Rippon, Sarah Slater, Rick Stotijn, Timothy Summers, Delphine Tissot, Mette Tjaerby Korneliusen, Matthew Truscott, Katarzyna Wozniakowska, Mizuho Yoshii-Smith, Piotr Zimnik

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Mozart momentum
Mozart momentum